Websites that are being developed by DNX

Website is the image of enterprise on digital platforms

We help clients to understand the role of websites in the digital era.

Website is not only for showing products and services. It should be the place that facilitates your customers, clients to understand you more.

The daily updating of website technology advancement will help your business become more attractive.

A valuable website must be known by the public. As well as a luxury house must be adored by the people when passing by.

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Nathan Nguyen

CEO & Founder DNX Agency

Nhấc máy lên và gọi cho chúng tôi

Additional services

Your website cannot lack these additional services to be completed in the content aspect.


Alluring photos will help your website create sympathy for customers and partners


Video helps your enterprise to introduce the entire operation of your business to customers

Graphic Design

The aesthetics of each publication are always polished to publish on your website.

Increase traffic

You are going to provide a Dashboard to witness the increasing the traffic of Website.

Enhance the revenue

We offer tools and features to measure the Online Revenue Development Performance.


Clients are satisfied

Clients satisfaction is the ultimate goal of our business philosophy.


Marketing Agency

Always pioneering creativity and innovation to create the best Marketing ideas for customers


Intimate clients

Always uphold the cooperation and understanding between us and clients in the long-term business journey.

How did we accompany other brands?

Let’s us listen to your story

The journey to building a brand is a journey full of obstacles, but it will always be interesting to have DNX AGENCY to accompany you on the miracles.

You don’t have to be the best, be the most compatible one

Nathan Nguyen

Co-founder & CEO DNX AGENCY

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Nathan Nguyen

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