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We not only implement in-depth research on customer persona but also raise content creation standards for Fanpage managing as a social media channel of the business.

Dịch vụ quản lý Fanpage
Dich vu quan ly Fanpage1


First-rate Italian ice cream is always available at luxury restaurants and resorts in Vietnam


Brand of the high-grade insulating film with Nano Ceramic technology for greenhouses and cars

Dich vu quan ly Fanpage1

Bong Lai Cac

The brand of handicraft products made from Bodhi leaves is visible all over the world.

Multidisciplinary Experience

Our in-depth research and long-standing experience regarding various goods will narrow the road to success in managing Fanpage as a social media channel for your business.

Automobile industry

Core uniqueness

We are willing to listen and share your story. With our enthusiasm and sense of understanding, we can see through long-term goals of the business. From that vision, we simultaneously launch short-term and long-term Fanpage Management Tactics for the business model.

While managing Fanpage, we work with businesses to research and develop the brand identity. Thereby ensuring consistency in any product or communication campaign.

The message we convey is diversified in many different forms. Your brand personality will definitely be well-performed with our content creation and Fanpage administration team.

Advertising is an integral part of the Fanpage Management process which help you to reach more widely with your customers. We will help you optimize your advertisements on different platforms, meeting your overall Marketing goals certainly.

Content Marketing Orientation.

We focus on developing Content Marketing, ensuring that the communication goals of the campaign are achieved.

Facebook Ads

Combine running Facebook Ads to increase brand awareness, convey media messages and improve sales efficiency.

Business Growth

Launch short-term and long-term strategies and help to increase your stable profitability. There is also a detailed plan for each phase.

Efficiency Optimization

Conversion Rate and ROI are calculated to measure the effectiveness of Fanpage Management activities. From that, the Marketing plan is adjusted.

Increase engagement rate

Social media content is aimed at target audiences. Regular and consistent interactions on this platform contribute to boosting customers’ purchase intention.

dich vu quan ly fanpage

Revenue Growth

A development road map according to Customer Journey Map – the purchase journey and the steady interactions will help you improve your revenue significantly.


Clients are satisfied

Client satisfaction is the ultimate goal of our business philosophy.


Marketing Agency

Always pioneering creativity and innovation to create the best Marketing ideas for customers.


Intimate clients

Always uphold the cooperation and understanding between us and clients in the long-term business journey.

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The journey to building a brand is a journey full of obstacles, but it is always interesting to be a companion with DNX agency.

“You don’t have to be the best, be the most compatible one”

Nathan Nguyen


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