As a leading company Video production for event in the central region, DNX Agency has the opportunity to cooperate and work with many brands across Vietnam. Owning the advantage of many years of experience, professional staff and modern machinery and equipment. DNX Agency and Larue successfully implemented the recent Larue Coutndown 2023 event. In this article, let’s know more about this event with DNX Agency and take a look about our event filming service.

IMC – When Marketing helps you get closer to customers.

Integrated communication (IMC) has long become an extremely useful marketing development strategy for businesses. When the activities in the IMC strategy are closely coordinated with each other, business goals or marketing campaign goals can affect customers. In the context that many businesses are facing fierce competition, IMC is an effective tool to help you improve your competitive position, becoming more visible in the minds of the target audience.

Truyền thông tích hợp - Quay dựng phim sự kiện Đà Nẵng

Context of Vietnam beer market

The beer sector can be said to have begun to prosper again. After 2 years of being heavily affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, the beer industry has regained its momentum, the profits of many businesses have skyrocketed. According to The Investment Newspaper (2022), the beer market now is leaded by 4 groups with biggest are Heineken, Sabeco, Carlsberg and Habeco. In this past year, many marketing campaigns have been launched, most notably Sabeco’s “Saigon Chill”; “Heineken Silver” by Heineken; Strongbow Chilly Peach (Heineken); Starverse virtual reality party (Heineken);…

vietnam beer industry market share

The peak time for the beer industry is determined during Tet, when customers demand is high because this is an important traditional holiday. Many businesses start implementing marketing campaigns to maximize profits during this time. Although the selling price of the product is adjusted due to the influence of the price of packaging and raw materials, but at the time of Tet, many beer companies have chosen to offer extremely competitive prices. Besides, PR campaigns in the series of IMC activities were also organized, such as Tiger Remix, Larue Countdown Party; Huda’s unexpected big Tet throughout the Central region;…

Larue Countdown 2023

Larue this year continues to hold 2 big events in the Central region, Countdown Larue 2023 in Da Nang and New Year 2023 in Quang Nam. As a beer brand associated with every party of people in the Central region, Larue cherishes the desire to organize a music festival in their own hometown. With more than 40,000 used Larue cans collected and recycled in 2 months, making the “Hung Dong” (Sun Rise) artwork for the party, Larue impresses not only in the minds of locals, but also in the eyes of visitors visit Da Nang, Quang Nam.

DNX is the video production company for the event Larue Countdown 2023

The event brought many impressive and beautiful performances. Light show, combining virtual reality and grandiose stage, with a countdown fireworks display to welcome the new year. Besides, there were also many famous artists such as Ho Ngoc Ha, Dong Nhi, Toc Tien, RickyStar, Smoke & Sofia, etc. Larue’s party was extremely successful and created a lot of buzz on the year end party in Da Nang and Quang Nam.

The performance was recorded to serve DNX's event filming and editing

Accompanying Larue and the New Year’s Banquet, DNX Agency cooperates to implement activities in the series of events related to event filming and PR. Over 2 months of creating ideas and concepts for the show, DNX Agency and Larue agreed on scope of works related to show production, hiring and staff coordination, and PR activities in their IMC strategy.

Our Scope of Work

DNX Agency is in charge of the production of the show, especially the recap/video production of the event, specifically:

DNX Agency’s resources in the event filming procedure

Professional staff with extensive experience in the field

Not only operating in the field of strategic development and implementation of Business Administration & Marketing plans, DNX Agency is also a leader in event organization, event filming and editing. DNX Agency owns a large staff, experienced in running events, operating filming machines and equipment.

In addition, we have a network of large event organizing partners in the Central and Southern regions. That is also the reason why DNX Agency has been trusted and cooperated by Larue and Heineken for a long time.

Modern event filming equipment for big shows

In charge of video production of Larue’s Countdown and New Year’s Eve events, DNX Agency also needs to ensure the quality of equipment for event filming. We always focus on the quality of output, how to bring customers the best products, convey all the messages that the brand wants.

In 2 events Countdown Larue 2023 and New Year’s Banquet, DNX Agency used specialized equipment such as:
  • Sony PMW350 with 2 links full live camera – a professional video camera line dedicated to television, ensuring the perfect image quality of the event even in low light filming conditions. Allows us to transmit the best image quality.
  • Jib Crane (Boom) 12m to perform super full-angle turns above the audience and towards the front of the stage.
  • Wireless Transmitter to receive and transmit wireless signals from 2 Gimbal Cameraman moving continuously on stage and in the audience area.
  • Tally Intercom used for 10 people at the same time so that DOP can give control commands to the cameraman.
Flycam for the filming and editing process of Video production for event Larue Countdown 2023
  • 7 Camera working at the same time for live broadcasting. To ensure the live broadcast on VTV8, DNX Agency used 7 cameras at the same time to convey the most complete and detailed information about the event to local people. In particular, we also combine more 1 flycam to capture the entire beautiful fireworks moment of the party.

Featured pictures from the event

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