In the era of increasing demand for food, the agricultural industry is one of the most high-competitive fields.

To gain customer trust, agricultural businesses need a professional and synchronous brand identity. Combined with methodical communication strategies which are implemented throughout.

A brand that goes with an aesthetic logo and worthy position will certainly bring great success to the business.


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DNX Agency started to aggregate all the information of Nong San Nha Que and found that:

  • Nong San Nha Que is a chain of Vietnamese agricultural products that was improved by a group of students and developed from a small vegetable stand.
  • Nha Que’s competitive advantages include high-quality, safe, and self-cultivated products
  • Nong San Nha Que is committed to selecting products that meet both domestic and international standards.
  • Nong San Nha Que regularly conducts surveys, evaluations, product trials, tests, and exchanges with farmers, cooperatives, and farms.

2. Brand Identity Design

With the unprecedented development of technology including media channels, and social networks, customers are accessing more images than ever before.

After analyzing the disadvantages and advantages of Nong San Nha Que, DNX Agency realized that when Nong San Nha Que stood at a relative position in customer’s hearts in terms of product quality and reliability, Nong San Nha Que also need a professional identification system for customers to properly understand the personality, position, and stature of the business. From there, you can remember and be more loyal to the brand.

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To design each touch point to create an impression so that the brand appears at the “top of mind” of the customer’s mind, DNX Agency carefully prepared and designed, from small details:

  • Logo
  • Signboard
  • Label, packaging
  • Price label
  • Product description table
  • Uniform, Apron

Now, at each store, you can see images and public information about the original source of the product.

Especially with vegetables and fresh goods, the information is even clearer. Some types of items in addition to the price list also summarize the story associated with the product.

3. Final work


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From the basic lines of an old logo, DNX recreated it into a brand new logo that is more professional, modern, and used in the long run.

Price table

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The main color of the identity is selected from lush, natural elements, bringing a sense of harmony and joy. Customers will immediately remember the fertile countryside and nice farmers. This makes Nong San Nha Que becomes more special in the eyes of customers.

Packaging system

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The presentation and innovation in design also make products of Nong San Nha Que more valuable than others.

The packaging design inherits the values ​​and orientations from the brand idea to create a positive and joyful message about bountiful crops, green plants, and fresh meat.

DNX Agency also creates a “Key Visual” system with a simple and concise layout, providing enough information for customers to easily see the necessary information of the product. Thereby, increasing the reliability of customers.

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Fresh Market Nha Que Signboard

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Nong San Nha Que signboard makes a strong impression with a modern and fresh design, which makes customers feel more excited, and arouses the desire to buy food.

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Staff uniforms and aprons

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4. Summary

All of the above information is an overview of the roadmap for building and developing the brand identity of Nong San Nha Que

With the long-standing knowledge and experience gained in the process of branding and consulting for many businesses, DNX Agency hopes to contribute, accompany, and stand side by side to create the success of Vietnamese and international brands.

Contact DNX Agency according to the below information if you need to consult.


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