With the complicated situation of the COVID-19 epidemic, many localities and provinces across the country have had to take strict prevention approaches such as social distancing, releasing tickets to go to the market every 3-5 days;… This has caused many difficulties for people in choosing and buying essential items for their family’s daily life.

The most obvious situation is ordering online but not seeing a response or confirmation from the store. The goods that have been delivered are not enough or not fresh, etc. How to solve this problem when the epidemic is still expected to last and we will have to accept such “living with the flood”?

Optimize system and remote customer management services with Afarm

Understanding the difficulties and concerns that customers are facing, Afarm has quickly changed and upgraded its sales system into the use of a digital platform and extraordinary cooperation with a highly reputable business – DNX Agency.

With many years of experience in communication and providing professional customer management services (also known as Customer Relationship Management – CRM), DNX Agency has quickly turned Afarm into a shopping channel for fresh and clean food during the current epidemic in Da Nang.

DNX Agency step by step solves the difficulties that businesses face

Step 1: Build a script for responding to customer messages to improve reply speed

Responding to messages on online sales channels is one of the most focused tasks in the operation process. To reply to accurate answers and achieve customer satisfaction, any business needs a message response script that is prepared most thoroughly and comprehensively.

On average, every 5 minutes, Afarm receives about ten more messages from customers; the number of messages is too much in a day, making it impossible for businesses to comprehensively control and answer each customer. Therefore, DNX Agency has created complete message scenarios for both cases, including auto-reply and texting scenarios with specific customers.

Through the ready-made script, consultants, business owners and potential customers save a lot of time and effort for each order. At the same time, creating ready-made professional scripts will also partly ensure the quality of customer care and avoid the situation of misinformation.

Step 2: Optimize WooCommerce application in order processing

Known as an effective assistant in the online sales process, WooCommerce has been selected as the optimal solution to help sales activities on Afarm’s website platform run as smoothly as possible.

With the status summary feature, businesses can completely view orders, order flow or other information that has been integrated on the website. From there, processing orders and responding to buyers will be faster and simpler than ever. Besides, choosing WooCommerce for online sales has also helped Afarm’s business owners fully understand their revenue through the report export and print feature.

DNX Agency is always ready to support Afarm in familiarizing and exporting data at the end of the day on the website. Thereby being able to understand the trends and needs of customers, helping the process of analysis and communication strategy for customers.

Step 3: Create a video to guide the ordering process and run ads

After grasping the needs and difficulties that customers encounter during the ordering process at Afarm. DNX Agency quickly has found and came up with an effective communication solution for this problem. That’s just a visual video of the ordering process on the store’s website.

In addition, the video also meets the criteria of a promotional video with a duration of less than 1 minute but is extremely informative and valuable. Therefore, Afarm did not hesitate to use the optimal and effective Facebook Ads advertising service provided by DNX to reach a huge number of potential customers during this epidemic season.

Step 4: Support Afarm’s Telesales team to minimize risk

With a limited number of employees and not much experience using the WooCommerce platform and the CRM system, DNX Agency has actively supported business during the quarantine period. As a result, the order return rate is significantly reduced and the return status is not as high as before.


Customer relation service (CRM) at DNX Agency

This type of service is provided to help businesses bring customers the best experience and build lasting relationships with them. In addition, the service will also bring businesses complete information about customer interactions, help businesses track sales and organize data in the most scientific and easy way to manage.


DNX Agency step by step solves the difficulties that businesses face

About the rate of brand discussion

The improvement in customer service and order management system has helped Afarm achieve a positive change compared to the previous time. Accordingly, on average every day, the number of customers interacting and accessing the fanpage of Afarm – Farm On Smartphone has reached more than 3,000 organic approaches per day, an increase of 10 times compared to the previous quarter.

About the rate interest in products and services

The number of messages sent to Fanpage as well as website traffic and online orders have increased significantly. During the peak of the epidemic season, the number of orders only in Da Nang city reached approximately more than 100 orders per day.

Afarm’s satisfaction with customer management services and communication products

Mr. Phuong, representative director of Afarm in Da Nang branch, shared that: “Not only is a reputable and reliable media agency, DNX Agency also provides an excellent customer management platform. We appreciate the DNX team for their enthusiastic support and advice in the process of completing the online system. Although it is only possible to work together remotely due to the social-distancing, both of us have understood the needs of the partner to create the most perfect and quality results.”

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“We are always committed to bringing the best advertising, communication and customer care services to every business.”

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