Video is a perfect tool to support businesses in their strategy to introduce products, services, and brands to the market.

Using video helps your viewers or future customers remember the product faster and longer. This is the reason why JSC chose DNX Agency as a video producer who helps to elevate JSC’s existing position into a new grade.

How JSC Vietnam elevates business brand with video

About JSC

Japan Small and Medium Enterprise Development Joint Stock Company (JSC) is one of the Vietnam’s leading companes in the field of leasing ready-built and custom-built factories. The target customers of JSC are entrepreneurs wishing to invest in production and business in the Vietnamese market.

In addition to the goal of providing ready-built factories of various sizes and suitable areas, JSC also provides utility services related to infrastructures such as electricity, water supply, wastewater collection, and treatment.

In addition, JSC also supports one-stop services such as:

  • Investment preparation procedures
  • Deploy the investment
  • Project operation to create all favorable conditions
Video quảng cáo doanh nghiệp JSC

Services of JSC Vietnam include:

  • Ready-built factory for rent
  • Factory for rent built on request
  • Meeting room for rent
JSC Việt Nam - Video quảng cáo doanh nghiệp

Currently, JSC has completed the construction of 8 factories for rent and attracted more than 54 enterprises investing in JSC, of ​​which 70% are small and medium enterprises from Japan.

JSC needs another perfect advertising solution to be able to attract more attention from business owners. Create outstanding values for customers.

With such a broad development goal, JSC Vietnam cooperated with DNX Agency (The company has more than 10 years of experience in video production) to create a more unique and professional advertising strategy by business promotional videos.

Receiving process and solutions of DNX Agency

The working process of DNX Agency always follows specific, clear, and transparent progress with the criterion of bringing quality to customers. The process of creating a professional corporate video for JSC Vietnam.

Step 1: Receive demand and discuss

To attract customers’ attention, a business introduction video needs to define clear communication goals to build appropriate, transparent, civilized, and even insightful content. Therefore, from the very beginning, we are always ready to listen to your wishes and requests, including information and messages JSC wants to convey through the corporate video. From there, we give advice and solutions to ensure the right direction of the video product.

In addition to high requirements in terms of images and sound, content, and understanding of products and services, brands also need to ensure that videos can promote their full value.

In order to produce a quality video, both JSC and DNX Agency held a meeting and discussed the content as well as the message of the video in detail and thoroughly.

JSC Việt Nam - Video quảng cáo doanh nghiệp

DNX Agency always uphold a friendly and open-minded culture when working with customers. Therefore, when working together, JSC and DNX are always in a serious but still friendly and sociable attitude.

Step 2: Make a detailed script

After discussing and receiving customer needs. The DNX team has compiled information and documents about JSC and completed a detailed script for the business introduction video.

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Step 3: Deploy filming

JSC Việt Nam - Video quảng cáo doanh nghiệp
JSC Việt Nam - Video quảng cáo doanh nghiệp

After the detailed script was approved, JSC and DNX Agency cooperated and conducted to film in just 1 day. All the valuable information of the JSC brand has been summed up in each frame, highlighting what JSC wants to convey to viewers.

JSC Việt Nam - Video quảng cáo doanh nghiệp
JSC Việt Nam - Video quảng cáo doanh nghiệp

Step 4: Film editing

After collecting all the raw videos and editing resources, DNX Agency started editing the video in just 3 days. The management stages are arranged methodically to make the progress run smoothly.

In order to ensure the quality of the self-referencing film products, we always preserve and upgrade equipment as well as pay attention to the techniques of the professionals. We are always aware of updating the most advanced technology and techniques.


Accomplish corporate video

Let enjoy the official product: JSC Vietnam

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