With a decade years of experience in the product/service photography industry, DNX Agency understands the importance of introducing products and services of businesses in Marketing and Communication activities. Quality and unique visual will connect deeper in the minds of customers, helping them see the value of products and services that businesses provide. Optimum lighting, colors and angles are what DNX Agency will bring to you in the products we make. Make sure your product will meet the requirements not only for the visual, but also to help the effectiveness of the Marketing campaigns will be best.

Join us to discover the journey to create beautiful Key Visuals for Hoiana – the most luxurious resort in Vietnam in this article.

Campaign “Live a moment”

Hoiana Vietnam Resort, a luxurious and classy resort paradise in Vietnam, promises to bring customers wonderful and unforgettable experiences. With a large scale, including many high-class resorts, golf areas, 3-star restaurants and other excellent hotel services, Hoiana represents luxury and class in the resort industry.

Key Visual “Live the Moment” was created to represent Hoiana’s spirit and values. Through the skillful arrangement of key elements such as the large swimming pool, delicious food and high-class resort rooms, this Key Visual brings the best experience to customers. “Live the Moment” is a reminder for everyone to cherish the present moment, live and enjoy every wonderful second. And Hoiana is the ideal place for customers to practice that message.

In the process of cooperation, the goal of Hoiana and DNX Agency is to create high-quality photos, fully showing the areas in Hoiana to have the sources of production phase for Key Visual. These Key Visuals will be used in Hoiana’s Marketing activities, in order to arouse interest and curiosity from customers, attract them to come and experience the great things that Hoiana offers.

Through the cooperation between Hoiana and DNX Agency, we believe that our combination of sophistication and professionalism will create unique and attractive Key Visuals, helping Hoiana stand out and attract attention in the resort and hospitality industry.

Our Scope of Work

DNX Agency is in charge of the Key Visual production campaign of Hoiana Resort & Golf. Specifically, we have been responsible for the following areas:


Our Abundant Resources

DNX Agency, with a combination of rich experience, professional personnel and modern equipments, has fully utilized this resource to support Hoiana in creating excellent Key Visuals. Professional work and passion for creativity, DNX Agency has promoted Hoiana to build impressive Key Visuals, showing the true identity and high-class of the resort. We are proud to be a reliable partner who always puts the interests of our customers first and commits to bringing high quality products that meet all of Hoiana’s expectations and requirements.

Strategy consultant

With more than 11 years in the photography and post-production industry, DNX Agency has accumulated a long time to understand the requirements and wishes of customers. We have worked with more than 100 clients from a variety of industries, from hospitality, food & beverage, retail, to fashion and more. This gives us a comprehensive view and flexibility in expressing Hoiana’s uniqueness through Key Visual.

Experienced and highly qualified personnel

Our staff, including photographers and post-production executives, are all seasoned and highly skilled professionals. We make sure that from shooting to post-processing, each picture is created with the most sophistication and quality. We are not only doers of the work, but passionate and aspirational to deliver unique artworks that accurately reflect Hoiana’s spirit and values.

Modern equipments

In addition, DNX Agency also invests in modern technology and equipment to meet complex shooting requirements and ensure the best results. We stay up to date and use the latest technologies to create sharp, bright and beautiful images. Thanks to that, we are able to accurately reproduce the atmosphere in Hoiana and bring customers vivid images, evoking the desire to explore and experience the excellent service of the resort.

Our final results

  • DNX Agency makes key visual for Hoiana Resort Golf00003 scaled
  • DNX Agency makes key visual for Hoiana Resort Golf00002 scaled
  • DNX Agency makes key visual for Hoiana Resort Golf00001 scaled
  • DNX Agency makes key visual for Hoiana Resort Golf00005 scaled
  • DNX Agency makes key visual for Hoiana Resort Golf00004

Why choose us?

Let DNX Agency help you carry out your product photography project with professionalism and the best quality. With our extensive experience and strategic consulting, we will accompany your business in building a unique and successful media campaign. Choose us because you will get:

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