Difficulties and Challenges

DNX Agency’s objective is to finalize the experience footage and use it to reach a larger target audience, build interest and awareness for the new complex in Danang – Mikazuki Japanese Resorts & Spa, especially improving the ability of our target audience to consider the experience of Mikazuki.

How does DNX Agency measure communication performance?

In short: The more people see our message, the more opportunity we can enhance the communication effectiveness and conversions. So, in this case study, we’ll focus on three key performance indicators (KPIs) that shows the reach of our campaign:

  • Total views (number of times someone actually watched a video)

  • Total reactions (likes, comments, shares)

  • Customer conversions (customers, additional revenue)

What challenges do we have to cope with to achieve our goals?

With the target audience is families and households with high-income levels, who want to have new experiences with high-quality service. Making our videos accessible to these audiences was a big obstacle.

Da Nang Mikazuki Japanese Resorts & Spa is a new and colossal entertainment project in Da Nang; the project is under construction, only completing phase 1, including Nami Restaurant, Villa Area, and Park Mikazuki country. DNX had to convey the outstanding features of these three services, evoking and convincing customers to come and experience the occasion.

“The DNX team always strives to make our customers’ videos as natural as possible so that they can easily receive the most positive effects and reactions!”

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Nathan Nguyen

Marketing Director

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Solutions and Procedure

Combine 2 values into 1 video to increase persuasion

Virtual Tour

The virtual tour allows the potential audience to witness the properties, amenities, room display, restaurants, typical dishes, children’s play area, outdoor facilities like the pool and whatever else makes Mikazuki stand out – all without having to step foot inside it. Besides, it’s also a great deal when some customers are unable to travel due to COVID-19, offering these tours can also increase future interest and conversions.

Utilize customer reviews and testimonials.

The customer is a micro-influencer – Hoang Van Ninh, recommended by Mikazuki. Ms. Ninh’s family (including her mother, husband and wife and two children) will experience the services at Mikazuki and express their honest feelings about the place. As the founder of five large family-based communities: Hoi Me Bim Sua, Family is number 1, Baby Addiction,… And with more than 343,000 followers on her page, the video will be easier to reach many target audiences, namely families and households. This will make video marketing more natural and easier to be viral.

Make a script:

Step 1: Take the information from Mikazuki and consult the solutions

DNX had a meeting with Mikazuki’s representative to discuss what they needed and wished to convey through this film.

The convenient thing is Mikazuki wants their video to be as natural as possible, so there is no specific script, the content will be deployed by Micro-influencers and state their own feelings.

Step 2: Send a quote according to Mikazuki’s needs and agreement – then sign a contract

Step 3: Implementing filming and editing

The DNX Agency team accompanies the family of Ms. Ninh (Micro influencer) to film a day of family experience at Mikazuki in the most authentic way but still create a comfortable space for the family to feel the trip entirely.

The special thing about the DNX Agency is that the editing will be done through the Vimeo Review system, making feedback much more convenient than other agencies. Therefore, through two editing times, DNX has perfected the product to help Mikazuki get the most satisfaction and handed over the final video.

Our Video Marketing Campaign: Who? Where? When?

  • Platform: Facebook

  • Duration: 26/4/2021 – 1/5/2021

  • Geographic targeting: major provinces, cities namely Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Can Tho, Da Nang

  • Target: Families, high-income households, want to relax and experience new things


Our video has exceeded expectations. The proof is in key performance indicators (KPIs). Here are some key metrics that demonstrate how effective video marketing is at helping to build brand awareness:

  • Total view: more than 52.000 views

  • Total interactions (likes, comments, shares): 6,670 likes, more than 1000 comments, 517 shares

  • Customer conversion volume (number of customers, additional revenue): customers increased by 52%, total revenue increased by 46%

Mikazuki’s cost-effective marketing video campaign attracted more than 52,000 views, reached over 300,000 individuals, and achieved a view rate of nearly 17% (it means that all the impressions this video received, 17% are viewed by the target audience). In addition, the campaign also received a huge amount of interaction and extremely high customer conversion. This is a good result for a video longer than 16 minutes!


Conversion rate

The number of customers increased by 52%, total revenue increased by 46%


The amount of reactions

More than 6,670 likes, 1000 comments and 517 shares on Facebook


Total view

More than 52.000 views on Facebook

The DNX Agency team accompanies the family of Ms. Ninh (Micro influencer) to film a day of family experience at Mikazuki in the most authentic way but still create a comfortable space for the family to feel the trip entirely.

Mr. Phung Mai

Marketing Executive – Mikazuki Japanese Resort & Spa

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