Not letting TikTok be the “monopolize” of the market, the big players in the industry also started to step into the land of “instant content”. Last week, Meta just launched Facebook Reels on IOS and ANDROID to more than 150 countries around the world.

With the tendency of users to watch videos, Short Video is becoming an important communication method for businesses, helping to reach closer to target customers. In this article, let’s analyze with DNX Agency the opportunities that businesses can take advantage of with these social networking platforms.

Facebook Reels

Creativity, originality is the key

Meta is focusing on creating more opportunities for creators to make money through Reels. Unique and creative content will attract users to view more, thereby becoming viral. Businesses can build a channel for their brand, deploy creative content to improve brand awareness and spread the message.

Facebook and Instagram users spend more than half of their time watching videos. This is considered the biggest advantage that Reels brings, when Meta owns a huge number of users. According to the latest post from CEO – Mark Zuckerberg, Meta is focusing on making Reels the best platform for content creators to discover, connect with audiences, and make money.

Meta sẽ đẩy mạnh mảng Reels

Various forms of advertising

According to sources, Meta is expanding the Facebook Reels Overlay Ads test to all creators in the US, Canada, and Mexico, as well as more countries in the near future. This is considered a less annoying ad for viewers. Overlay ads will exist as banners or stickers, located on the scrolling content. In other words, users will be able to see ads without interruption of what they are viewing.

Demo thử nghiệm quảng cáo trên Faceboook Reels

Although Bumper Ads are considered to be more effective than regular Internet advertising videos. However, Overlay Advertisement is expected to be the trend of businesses on the journey to reach target customers in the most friendly way.

Another factor that will greatly contribute to the advertising effectiveness of the brand is KOLs and Influencers. Users are getting smarter with the advertising forms of businesses. Therefore, using KOLs and Influencers will have a great impact on the purchase intention of target customers instead of conventional promotional videos.

Meta will develop shopping on Reels

After Covid-19, E-commerce becomes a potential business platform for businesses.

According to an Instagram press release in September 2020, the app will help connect businesses and shoppers globally. Make shopping easier. More prominently, Meta will also develop two main features, product search by image and product discovery categories to optimize the user’s purchasing process. This promises to bring many opportunities for businesses in digital transformation, simplifying sales on social networks.

Unlike TikTok, Facebook’s users span different ages. So, almost all industries of business can use Reels to deploy their Advertising campaigns.

quay phim chụp ảnh Đà Nẵng

In short

The entry of Facebook Reels promises to change the way businesses do content and advertising. To be able to take full advantage of this platform, businesses need a team of content creators with a lot of brainpower, good trends catching, and know how to analyze the behavior of their target customers. From there, come up with good and appropriate advertising and communication campaigns.

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