Corporate video expert – Small or large-scale businesses need corporate videos which speak out not only about a firm’s personality, services, their products… but also the position of the business. Each video has its value. And you can not measure the value scales it can expose to the audience unless you invest in people who can invest in your corporate video. This article discusses the significance of hiring a corporate video expert.

What is a corporate video?

The term “corporate video” refers to all video communications utilized for the internal or external corporate message. Corporate videos are frequently targeted toward a specific audience rather than the broader public. A corporate video may be prepared to introduce an overview of what businesses do, the products they sell, where they are as well as their mission.

Types of video

  • Live Action Video
  • Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D Animation

These types of movies come in a variety of formats, including promotional videos, training videos, internal communication videos, brand awareness videos, and marketing videos.

Corporate video production can include a brilliant amount of creativity through the use of storytelling, an engaging message, and professional production.

Danang Port Corporate Video

Why hire an expert when you can do it on your own?

The truth is that anyone can create videos with the assistance of smartphones, film-making equipment, and applications for both personal and entertaining purposes. However, when it comes to business needs, making videos is not as easy as it seems. You can make your video on your own, but let’s think about this:

  • What is the next step if you lack experience?
  • Where do you get started?
  • How can you thoroughly accomplish it if you do not have professional equipment?

The answer is that you’d better hire corporate video experts to help your business easily own spectacular videos. Additionally, consulting corporate video professionals minimizes your time and efforts.

With long-standing experience and expertise, DNX Agency has worked with small, mid-size to enterprise-level corporations. Now we are here to share the top five benefits of hiring a corporate video expert, helping you to grow your business, increase sales and convert more customers.

Why you should hire a corporate expert?

Choosing an experienced and skilled expert is a not difficult thing to do anymore because of the presence of marketing agencies. Take notes of the 5 benefits of being handed over by video experts below right now.

1. Video expert’s expertise and experience

corporate video expert

You might have the greatest idea in the world, but you might not know how to make it a reality. Video experts have the experience to know what will work and what might not and the best way to put it all together.

There will be little tweaks and techniques applied to your film along the way that only a master would know to help it turn out better. Moreover, they are aware of how to maximize the effectiveness of your shoot. For instance, lighting will be crucial if your shoot takes place at night. An expert in the field of video production will be able to light your shot perfectly and ensure that it looks great.

2. Save your time

corporate video expert


Having a partner who understands the finer points of video production will help you avoid making little mistakes in the pre-production, production, editing, and promotional parts of the process.

Instead of allocating hours to come up with ideas, filming, editing, coloring and correcting on your own, corporate video experts can do all of this complicated process, saving a large amount of time.

3. Money spent on video represents a solid investment

With one corporate video, you can save and use it for many purposes in the long run. Sales can be influenced and boosted when you and your joint video services expert produce interesting, captivating content. Therefore, investing in your marketing will enhance the possibility that you will see results in the form of revenue.

4. Corporate video expert provides you with exceptional ideas

corporate video expert

When you hire a professional video production agency, you’re hiring professional storytellers who will engage new clients through the power of your brand’s story.

When being assisted by video experts, your project will be always overlooked in the planning process. Corporate video experts and their marketing team have the eye to convey a message with a simple motion of the camera.

5. Professional equipment

Professional film-making gears bring better quality to a corporate video. Any corporate expert owns a wide range of professional video production equipment including a video camera, tripod, lens, gimbal stabilizer, GoPro, DJI Quadcopter, lighting kit, wireless microphone…

The production involves 50% sound, thus it’s critical to record clear, noise-free audio at the necessary frequency and volume. This applies to any voice-over requirements as well. Video experts are skilled at these techniques.


corporate video expert

Lastly, never sacrifice your company image for the sake of saving money. In the long run, you may leave a lasting impression of your business in a potential customer’s mind that may cost you more.

Sample works from DNX Agency

Here are some of the corporate videos that we produced. We have experience in making corporate films for many years. Our mission is to bring to customers high-quality and well-invested corporate videos.

Nichirei Suco motion graphics video

As an official member of Nichirei Group, Nichirei Suco Vietnam specializes in import and export activities of fresh fruits, vegetable juices, and many other foods and beverages. Realizing that Vietnam is a tropical country that grows a variety of fruits, Nichirei Suco has established a branch in Vietnam.

Nichirei Suco Vietnam focus on harvesting, processing and freezing cherries. Nichirei Suco’s production facility has been built and put into operation since 2014. With a high-tech factory, Nichirei Suco Vietnam wishes to increase the production of cherries and also introduce Vietnamese cherries to the market foreign school.


Vinasoy corporate video

Vietnam Soy Milk Company – Vinasoy is a member of Quang Ngai Sugar Joint Stock Company, established in 1997 and specializes in nutritional products from soybeans. Vinasoy is currently the leading company in the paper packaging soy milk industry nationwide with more than 84% market share.


JSC corporate video

JSC, established on June 30, 2015, is one of the leading companies in Vietnam in the field of leasing ready-built and custom-built factories.

In addition to the goal of providing ready-built factories, JSC also provides utility services associated with infrastructures such as electricity, water supply, wastewater collection, and treatment. JSC supports one-stop services such as investment preparation procedures, investment implementation as well as project operation.

DNX team is always ready to support and advise businesses when it comes to producing a corporate video. Please contact DNX Agency according to the information below if your business is in need of advice.

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