We do believe

Appropriate staffs are “the priority.”

We believe that when employees are cared for and nurtured, they will satisfy and bring the best clients experience

I am free to be myself when working at DNX AGENCY

It can be said that DNX’s environment encourages freedom of thought and promotes efficiency. It makes me feel like “I am living” with my work every day.

Linh Tran Duy

Account Director

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Leader is not always right.

“In our working environment, your perspective and voice are listened to. And you will be a part of the world you build every day.”

Nathan Nguyen

Founder CEO


Staff are always facilitated and oriented for unlimited development by the Board of Directors


Always aspiring to progress is one of the values that employees pursue


We promote efficiency in work through specific OKR parameters.


Individual improvement goals are integrated into the organization’s long-term development objectives


The Board of Directors will deliver the objectives and reward evaluation to employees transparently.


Human resources are still entities that need mental health care

HR management philosophy.

The system of values that we pursue in HRM to maintain a close connection between associates


We are seeking for.

Account Manager

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Content Creator

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Senior Graphic Designer

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Customer Service Manager

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Illustration Artist

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Digital Painting Artist

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Market Analyst

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Website Developer

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SEO Website

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Metaverse technology in the era of technology

The unlimited connection between companies and customers